About The Show

After our success in 2017 with a miniature tour across several counties, we’re bringing our hilarious adult panto back in 2018 for a UK wide mega tour!

Snow White is a seemingly innocent young girl. The only problem is, she’s still a virgin! This is fantastic news for her best friend, Dickey, who can’t wait to get in her knickers! The only trouble is, because Snow White is a Princess, it can only be a Prince who gets the desirable task of deflowering her. But Dickey isn’t going to put up with that – no he most certainly is not! Therefore, he enrols in Prince School, in order to train to become a Prince. Throw in an Evil Queen and her disloyal Huntsman, a genuine Prince with an irritating scrotum, and seven bloody horrible dwarfs and it’s bellyaching laughter all the way through! But the question is, just how long will Snow White have to wait for her Prince, to come?


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